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Select Distinct Rows with complex criteria

I have a table generated from a CRM software and it has a lot of repited individuals in different rows but with different fields completed in each repetition, something like this: id birth_date sex postal_code customer smoker 001 NULL NULL 00067 Yes 1 001 NULL Male 00067 NULL 1 001 21/03/1994 NULL 00067 NULL NULL 002 NULL Female NULL NULL

Get distinct values within time chunks

I have a table with different species and their occurences (timestamp) from field survey: Now I want to count them, not in total but in chunks of 10 minutes each, where only the first occurence is counted. That means between 12:31 and 12:40 there are species A,B,C. Between 12:41 and 12:50 there are species B,C. For a single 10 minute

SQL Finding Dupe Names with Distinct ID

I have a list of customers, and a bunch of them are duplicates (‘Acme Inc’, ‘Acme, Inc’, ‘Acme Inc.’, ‘Acme, Inc.’) They all have different IDs. BUT, each ID also has multiple addresses. Something like… I have a function that normalizes the name so the first 6 would all be ‘Acme’ and the last two ‘Plumbers’. What I want is