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Tag: constraints

Rename a constraint in SQL Server?

Is it possible to rename a constraint in SQL Server? I don’t want to have to delete and create a new one because this constraint affects other already existing constraints and I will have to recreate/alter those. Answer You can rename using sp_rename using @objtype = ‘OBJECT’ This works on objects listed in sys.objects which includes constraints

Postgres: Add constraint if it doesn’t already exist

Does Postgres have any way to say ALTER TABLE foo ADD CONSTRAINT bar … which will just ignore the command if the constraint already exists, so that it doesn’t raise an error? Answer This might help, although it may be a bit of a dirty hack: Then call with: Updated: As per Webmut’s answer below suggesting: That’s probably fine in

Displaying the constraints in a table

Hello I am trying to display the constraints in one of my tables but for some reason I get the message no rows selected. Noted below is the table I have created. This is the code I am using to show my constraints. I am a rookie so I want to make sure I understand what is wrong. I have