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Converting column data into row in pl/sql

Hi When i went for an interview they asked me this question. Create table course(Name CHAR(10)); insert into course values (‘Java’); insert into course values (‘Oracle’); insert …

Weighted Average of Survey Questions

I have to calculate weighted average for all questions. Assuming there are 22 questions in a survey which has 5 options as 1,2,3,4,5 and NA. For example, 3 people took the survey (all 22 question) Assuming there are 10 NA responses (combined for all 3). So, denominator will be : 22*3 – 10 = 56 Numerator will be : 1*X1

Redshift Rounding Off Issue

I have a table which has a numeric(23,2) field that I need to divide to a constant. My baseline is this aggregation select site, sum(sales) / 1.07 as sales from sales group by site; But when I add …

How to parse a json object – mysql

I have a json object like this: {“1”: {“penalty_percent”: 3, “free_day”: 5, “free_hours”: 24}, “2”: {“penalty_percent”: 2, “free_day”: 5, “free_hours”: 12}, “3”: {“penalty_percent”: 2, “free_day”: 2, …