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How can I solve a performance issue in my stored procedure?

I have a performance problem with a stored procedure. Because when I check my benchmark’s result I realized that “MatchxxxReferencesByIds” has ‘240.25’ ms Average LastElapsedTimeInSecond. How can I improve my procedure? Answer Based on the execution plan of the stored procedure, what makes it to perform slowly, is the part where you are going to work with XML. Lets rethink

Query columns based on values of table

I’m new to DB and SQL so I don’t know if there is anything new I need to try for this. I want to solve this table my senior has given to me: Passbook(Table Name) Date | Amount | Type ———-…

SQL Select: Evenly Distribute Results Set

I have a table called TableA, with a Color column. Nine rows total, if I select * from TableA order by Color, I get results set blue blue blue green green green red red red how do I distribute …