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Save VB6 values ​in SQL

I have this interface: When the add button is pressed, a UserControl with the same fields is added: So, the question is: How do I save the main values ​​and those that have been added? That is, if the user pressed the add button, how do I also save those values? Currently, this is the entire interface code: Answer Your

Pass subquery value to IN statement

In one table named prefs, I have a column named “Value” of type clob that holds this value: ‘T’, ‘L’ I need to query table attendance_code to retrieve the records where column att_code values are either T or L. The att_code column is of type varchar2. As a manual model query, this works fine: Attempt 1 Attempt 2 This yields

Always round set seconds / minutes /hours to 00 mysql

In my database I have the following date-times: I want to be able to retrieve these records with the hours, minutes or seconds set to their 00 values: For example I want to be able to return records with seconds and milliseconds set to 00: Or return them setting the minutes to zero as well. How can I write a

Conditional Order By in sql server with multiple order columns

i wish to perform conditional order by with multiple columns i am expecting a query like can we achieve this.? sample data result i need is Answer I think this is what you want: Appreciate that when price is NULL, the above reduces to: That is, the alternate CASE expressions just collapse to NULL, leaving the above equivalent to:

How to correctly execute this promise based SQL Query?

I’m using MySQL2 to connect my Node.js app with a MySQL Database. Unfortunately trying to perform some promise based prepared statements I just can’t get a proper function setup that either returns successfully after entering the record or to throw an error whenever something goes wrong. Any ideas on how to fix the code below? Answer you can use the

if column is null echoing in php getting wrong

I am creating a website in html using php and sql. there is a small section in which if the query didnt find the value, php will echo a message called vacant, but if the query finds the value in …