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Tag: tsql

How to fill missing dates and values in partitioned data?

How to fill missing dates and values in partitioned data? I’m having a lot of trouble Googling this as most of the posts seem to feature Oracle databases, and I’m working with Microsoft SQL Server. I have the following hypothetical table: I want to fill in the dates in between the gaps and copy over the value from the most

Printing integer variable and string on same line in SQL

Ok so I have searched for an answer to this on Technet, to no avail. I just want to print an integer variable concatenated with two String variables. This is my code, that doesn’t run: It seems like such a basic feature, I couldn’t imagine that it is not possible in T-SQL. But if it isn’t possible, please just say

Join two tables and concatenate multiple rows of a single field

Query: Current Output: Desired Output: I would like to join two tables, #Table1 and #Tabl2, on a key column, ID, and get Value field from the 2nd table… but in a single row (as shown in desired output). How (if possible) can I achieve the Desired Output? Thank you Answer For SQL Server 2017 and Later Versions Result Set

Execute a Stored Procedure Inside a View?

I started working for a company a few weeks ago, and have inherited a crazy mess of databases. I’m currently working on designing the new systems to replace their older ones. The previous developer created a ton of views that are entirely identical, with the only differences being the conditions within the WHERE clause. In my attempt to cleanup the