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Tag: timezone

Get List of Users for a Specific Local Time

In my database, I have a list of users with the user ids and their UTC offset in minutes. It’s in a PostgreSQL database which I access through sequelize in my node application. For example: I want to create a query that, when run, gets me a list of users that have passed 12pm noon their local time. For example,

PostgreSQL get results in current time zone

as said in the title I would like to have a query that returns the value of the time stamp in my current time zone (even according summer time!). my_table is: (Don’t ask me why I cannot put this table directly in markdown…prob cause the dates) Now for example if I have to select the 24h corresponding to the entire

Error while converting timestamp string with timezone (+0000) to Timestamp in Presto

I am trying to convert a timestamp string to timestamp with date_parse, but keep getting an error. Any suggestions? I am working on Presto SQL. I also refered:, but couldnt find anything that can deal with +0000 i.e Timezone. I tried: throws me error Invalid format: “2021-05-22 04:00:00 +0000” is malformed at “+0000″” Also tried this: throws me error

How to get all data post midnight of different timezone?

I have a PostgreSQL table named testing with a column named creation_time as timestamp with time zone. The database timezone is UTC Now I want to get all rows whose time is greater than 00:00 of the current day as per the timezone “America/New_York”. I know how to get all rows after local midnight: But how to use this query

CONVERT_TZ() equivalent in Oracle

I am trying to convert a timestamp value of the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH24:MI:SS to another timezone value YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.SSSSSS. I was able to do this in MySql using the CONVERT_TZ(date, from_tz, …