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Tag: sqlite

SQL: View Representing Missing Ranges

Given a table of rows each representing a numerical range. CREATE TABLE ranges ( start INTEGER, end INTEGER ) How could I create a view that represents the “holes” in the ranges? (Ignoring …

Group timestamp by hour SQLite

I am trying to group my timestamp column which has a data type of TimeStamp by hour. So this works for grouping by day: I have tried the following for grouping by hour: But this gives me the error: no such function: HOUR: I have seen similar questions asked, but it was DateTime used, not TimeStamp. Additionally I would like

Getting all weeks data of a month using inner join

I have the following query: Above query explanation: I’m getting all weeks data PaidKM which driver gets in a whole month. The month for example starting date is 01-07-2018 and ending date is 31-07-2018 which covers whole month # 07. But when I change the month it gives me the same results all time. Above GIF’s query implementation: I have