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Tag: ruby

Rails: Finding records where a nested association is empty

In a Rails application I’m working on, I’ve got a few different models associated like this (condensed for clarity): group.rb group_member.rb newsletter.rb newsletter/author.rb newsletter/story.rb Given the above associated models, here’s the framework I’m working within: Each Newsletter has n Authors (Group Members) and n Newsletters. Each Group Member can author multiple stories for a given newsletter. Each story is one

Append additional conditions to a query

I have a query where I need to add several conditions as an OR clause, because I want to use LIKE, so I can not use IN instead. So how can I add multiple OR from an array? The SQL should look like this: where ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ is from an array. Answer From the Rails API docs, the .or

How to make generic SQL heredocs?

I’m making a mock ORM in Ruby, storing ‘forum’ data. I have the following tables: users (id, fname, lname), and questions (id, title, body, author_id). a_user.create and a_question.create are more or less the same: I’m writing another class, ModelBase, and I’d like to be able to say something like or . Users and Questions do not have an id until