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Tag: rdbms

How to check TIMESTAMP format in SQL?

What’s the best way to check if the VARIANT TYPE with JSONs with value similar to TIMESTAMP_NTZ has correct format? For example, this is the correct format that I would like to have but there are times when it looks different in database, like this I would like to detect records which are in a different format than the reference.

how to add select statement in IN clause in pivot

iam using pivot table in SQL query.. i need to make some columns as rowss, but i need to use select statement in IN clause where we givt option like this normally we give option like but with select statement its giving me error?? what can be done. Answer use this i got answer from some of google posts

Symmetric Pair in SQL with JOIN

I am trying to find the name of students where a symmetric pair exists. There are 3 tables: Edit from your comment: A student is called as being a part of a symmetric pair if the marks obtained by that student in science is equal to the marks obtained by some other student in mathematics and the marks obtained in