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Tag: postgresql

table only record one character of my form field

One of my tables from pgsql has a strange behaviour like the title says. Here are some screenshots: As you can see, the name zamdam must be record in the column “nom” in pgadmin instead of recording one letter for one column, here is the sql statement + server code : It was working well until I started to add

SQL: Flattening multiple rows in ugly data

I’m working on a fairly odd scenario in which I’ve got to compensate for a client’s database that isn’t very well-ordered. The data (example below) concerns some products that have a main serial number (serial) and between 0 and 4 additional alternate serials (alt_serial). Unfortunately, neither of these columns is a primary key, and each alternate serial number produces an

Convert JSONB Keys to Columns

I have a user table users containing id , name and information of type jsonb User Table id name information 1001 Alice {“1″:”Google”,”2″:”1991-02-08″} 1002 Bob {“1″:”StackOverflow”,”3″:””} I have another Table having all the profile fields values named ProfileFields profilefieldid Value 1 Company 2 DateOfBirth 3 ProfileLink The information jsonb column can only have keys present in the ProfileField Table. You

How to add ‘all’ CASE when group by CASES in SQL

I have a query like this: Which gives the result: How can I add a row for ‘all’ requests in CASES? If we add a when sp.provider=’prv1′ with no more detailed condition then all cases become one ‘all’ case because and other cases are ignored. Answer You can’t do that inside the CASE, as it behaves like a series of