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Tag: pervasive

What does back to back table references mean in SQL from clause

I am looking at a query from crystal reports and it shows a table name immediately followed by a table name. see below if that didn’t make sense but I am trying to understand what this syntax is/does? thank you in advance for any insight Answer The 2nd name is the alias. It allows you to refer to the table

Does Pervasive Have a SQL Function for URL Encoding?

I’ve written a query that builds some URLs to an intranet site, but some of the URLs don’t work because they contain special characters that need to be URL encoded. I’m trying to avoid writing a script (outside of SQL) to do the URL encoding; I’d like the database to do URL-Encoding instead, so that I can just export the

F# Query Exception, “unrecognized method call value”

Q: What does the following exception mean? I’m attempting to translate a Pervasive SQL query to an F# query using SqlDataProvider with an ODBC connection, building up slowly bit by bit. I’m getting an exception with the following query with a somewhat cryptic exception. When the printfn statement is executed and the expression is actually evaluated, the exception is hit: