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Tag: oracle11g

How to transpose row to columns in Oracle as shown below using Unpivot?

Source Table Cost Category Cost Category Type Q1-2020 Q2-2020 Q3-2020 Q4-2020 Employee Impacted Period Cost 10 20 0 4000 Achieved Result Cost Category Cost Category Type Quarter Year Value Employee Impacted Period Cost Q1-2020 10 Employee Impacted Period Cost Q2-2020 20 Employee Impacted Period Cost Q3-2020 0 Employee Impacted Period Cost Q4-2020 4000 Desired Result Cost Category Cost Category Type

How to select columns on the basis of column names in Oracle

I tried the following, but that doesn’t work. Answer In this example, I’m composing a select statement based on list of columns from a table (passed to function as a parameter) whose name satisfies certain condition. As it is Scott’s emp table and its columns don’t have any suffix, I’m choosing columns whose name contains letter E. Based on that

How to Return paper title and number of authors for each paper using sql

I try to return paper title and number of authors for each paper,names of authors who have at least two papers and List names of authors who have co-authored with Dr. Chen. but i don’t find any way. Author Editor Paper Paper_author ) paper_review Reviewer Sample Inputs Author Editor Paper paper_author paper_review Reviewer Answer What I understood is you are

Using rownum in sub query on oracle 11

I have query like this.It is working properly on oracle 12. But I am using oracle 11.That query is not working on oracle 11.Therefore I changed my query like that It gives missing right paranthesis How can I solve this problem.Do you have any idea?Actually I use a variable instead on 10 number. Answer Syntax is a bit different –