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Tag: hierarchical-query

Oracle Hierarchical Query at depth level

I have a requirement to build a table from a hierarchical table. Table structure as below: emp_hier table: emp_id supervisorId 100 null 1 100 2 1 3 2 New table: I have to write a select query on the emp_heir table and the selected data should look like this: sel_emp_id rel_emp_id relation depth_lvl 100 100 self 0 100 1 My

Oracle SQL hierarchical query from bottom to top

I have a table where I want to go from bottom to top using hierarchical queries. The problem is that I need the get the value of one column from root (top) using CONNECT_BY_ROOT, but since I reverse the way the hierarchical query works (reverse the prior in connect by and the start with), this function (CONNECT_BY_ROOT) consider my ‘start