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Tag: recursive-query

Sql server Balance Table Update Recursive

I Have a SQL Server database with a table named Balance The table: Id Date IN OUT Balance 3345312 2022-08-07 100 50 250 5435245 2022-08-06 50 50 200 4353451 2022-08-05 0 100 200 5762454 2022-08-04 20 100 300 7634523 2022-08-03 400 100 380 5623456 2022-08-02 100 20 80 4524354 2022-08-01 0 0 0 Id = Unique Identifier Date = Balance

How to SUM all subchildren tree in SQL recursively?

Good day, I’ve been pulling my hair on this problem for a while ><” I have 4 categories in a tree structure. tenant_category_transaction_view: I would like to have the sum of all children “sumSubtotal” on every category Something like that: I’ve managed to come very close… But there’s something I don’t get ><” Result of the above query: It seems

SeedTable.SomeColumn +1 in a recursive CTE not working as expected

I’m trying this query in Redshift: but I keep getting this error: (500310) Invalid operation: column “level” does not exist in child, parent; 1 statement failed. What am I doing wrong? According to the documentation I found here, Redshift accepts recursive and this is the way to go about it: Answer I believe that for recursive cte, the cte

How to carrying over values for missing dates in time series using last value windows analytical functions in mysql

How to carrying over values for missing dates postcode/indicator_category to create full monthly time series. Im trying to use last_value to carry over values but not able to make it. Is my approach correct? Any help would by highly appreciated. Example given a table: INSERT INTO value to indicator_data table INPUT: postcode month_ts indicator_cat measure sw5 2017-07-01 2 99212.231 sw5

Recursive SQL query for finding matches

I have 5 SQL Tables with the following columns: As input data I have employee_id and request_id. I need to figure out whether the employee has access to the request (whether he’s a manager or not) We cannot use ORM here since app’s responsiveness is our priority and the script might be called a lot. Here’s the logic I want