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Redshift casting decimal to decimal

Why does casting a decimal to decimal lose all decimals? For example, Returns 2 Answer A decimal number has a precision (the total number of significant digits in the whole number) and a scale (the number of decimal digits). In Redshift, the default precision is 18, but the default scale is 0, and automatic rounding is applied when casting, as

Want decimal result Amazon Redshift

I am trying to calculate the average ice creams a kid will have during summer. I want the result to have 2 decimals. Query: The result I get is something like 1.0003. I only want 2 decimal points. Any suggestions? Answer You can do this with round

Dividing by decimal values – rounding issue

I’m trying to divide two decimal values, in hope they will return the following; 1.132930. However, SQL appears to be rounding the value to 1.132931. The value returned before conversion is 1.1329305135951. The SQL code i’m using is as follows: Answer You can round the value before the cast as following:

how to show decimals in sql instead of 0

I am trying to get the percent and it just shows up as zero. I want to show two decimal places such as 0.65 Here is a piece of the query I am selecting: if I use this it shows up as 0 and gets rid of the rest Answer Meanwhile, I question whether COUNT(numbers) is what you want. That

set decimal places of sum in sql

I have a database I use for a debating competition I am trying to sort the standings out to see which schools will play off in the finals at the end of the semester. I have this working as shown below however I am not able to round the ptc field, it currently returns up to 4 decimal places eg