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Can’t execute a while clause in SQL Server with Dbeaver

I am trying to execute a loop while in Dbeaver with SQL Server, but the statement keeps loading and does not execute it. I just want to print the word ‘ok!’ 3 times. I’m not sure if it’s a loop problem, a Dbeaver problem, or another. Can anyone help please? My code: Screenshot from Dbeaver Answer @cnt never increments, so

PostgreSQL: Using CTE with IN

Learning CTE right now, the following query is super basic and it doesn’t really have any useful value but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work The error I’m getting is “ERROR: column “cte_actors” does not exist” Currently using postgres 14 and DBeaver Answer You need to SELECT from the CTE:

Remove schema name from DBeaver’s query

I am new to DBeaver and I am using it for the postgres client. I was using Navicat before and in navicat the query simply used to run without schema name as SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME . However, I am having issues with the Navicat and I recently switched on DBeaver(22.0.4 mac). With DBeaver, I cannot execute query without schema

Why concatenation does not work in Dbeaver?

Using Dbeaver, the || concatenation does not work. Had to use CONCAT() instead. Got output error message: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value. Anyone else had this issue? Skill level: Beginner Editor: Dbeaver OS: Windows 7 Answer MariaDB expects the PIPES_AS_CONCAT to be set with the sql_mode to use || as a concat operator. One can check what is set for sql_mode

Import dump file containing a database dump to dbeaver

I have a database dump in thisdb_2022.dump binary file that I’m trying to import to dbeaver, but I haven’t found a way to import the database so I can see it. I found the below in the dbeaver forum but when I try to follow the instructions and create a new connection I don’t see any option I can select

Revisting ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name for simple function call via various database tools

Revisting ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name for simple function call via dbeaver database-tool I have seen many posts, but they don’t cover the situation I am experiencing. I am trying to do a simple function call to Oracle SQL via dbeaver: According to the right-click call function obtained via dbeaver the function syntax it is: To be

Joining two tables but pulling in values only if multiple columns match

I have the query below that assigns a station volume based on the volume processed that week. Station sizes are based by looking at 4 data points throughout the year. This is because station fluctuate in volume throughout the year for example, they may have small volume in one quarter, but large in another. The goal is to assign a