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Tag: concatenation

Access VBA update a column to concatenate

I was trying to update a column from a table in my Access database with following VBA code but it did not work as nothing happpened to that column. I would like to concatenate 5 columns into one. This update statement would work in SQL server but obviously not here. Any advice? Thanks. Answer Perhaps some fields are Null? Try

MySQL concatenation operator

I don’t know concatenation operator for MySQL. I have tried this code for concatenation: SELECT vend_name || ‘ (‘ || vend_country || ‘)’ FROM Vendors ORDER BY vend_name; But it didn’t work. Which …

Concat SQL result

I’m quite new to SQL and I am using MS Access’s ListBox component which requires a query to display data. The following are the tables involved to make the query: TABLE: Blocks +—-+——–+ | ID | B_Name | +—-+——–+ | 1 | blockF | | 2 | blockE | . . . TABLE: Rooms +—-+——+——–+——-+—–+———+——-+——+ | ID | B_ID |