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Replacing case with IIF in SQL Server

So for my above query, I want to use IIF instead of CASE, because I want to show only uninsured patients, would something be correct? Because if I only use one case in my case scenario, the null will should up in my insurancestatus column instead of uninsured. Basically I just want the result for null showing up in result,

How query two different Sum from the same table for the same column but with different condition?

I would like to fetch the sum of field TOTAL for active users and sum of field TOTAL for inactive users. Expecting is the query that results activeTotal = 15 and InactiveTotal = 50 SELECT SUM( as activeTotal, SUM( as inactiveTotal FROM user actUser JOIN user inActUser ON = WHERE ( = 1 AND actUser.userId = 1) OR

SQL Nested Joins (Case Statement and Join)

Hive DBMS; Two tables — A and B Table A Table B Question –> Trying to execute a query where: Join table A with table B, first on prnt_id, if it’s “unknown”, then join on sub_id, if that is “unknown”, join on ac_nm Desired Output: Answer You must use LEFT joins of TableB to 3 copies of TableA and filter

Evaluate Multiple conditions for same row

I have to compare 2 different sources and identify all the mismatches for all IDs Source_excel table Source_dw table Expected result I have tried the below query but it is giving only one mismatch. Actual output I understand that case expression will only check the first satisfying condition. Is there any other way I can check all the condition? Answer