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Tag: alias

MySQL keyword aliases

I would like to set up aliases for MySQL keywords for faster typing of repetitive (or any, really) queries. Example: -> becomes: How could I go about achieving the above? I have looked around but unfortunately, most searches point to column and table aliases and I did not see a mention in MySQL documentation. I am interested in MySQL specifically,

How use case statement alias in where clause

I’m trying to use a case statement and the results to in an alias, but I need to use the alias in my where clause and this doesn’t seem to be working. How do I use the alias (isPrimary below) in my where clause. See comment where I’m trying to use isPrimary in my where clause, which doesn’t work. How

Laravel Query Builder joining with alias

I have two tables Unknown table Clients table My Code : Joining will be with the => unknown.parent_id… As because the clients table has a parent_id that’s why i have to use the alias Please Help me to do so! Answer Using Alias Working Solution: