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Undefined index uid calling GET fetch

I have a function that calls a SQL query, the function is type fetch_user

Now i get an Undefined Index error when I call my query, The error message is

Undefined index: uid in profile.php on line 3

But the thing is that i cant find the error,

This is my that have the function

function fetch_user_info($uid){
    $uid = (int)$uid;

    $sql = "SELECT
    `user_name` AS `username`,
    `user_email` AS `email`
    FROM `users`
    WHERE `user_id` = {$uid} ";

    $result = mysql_query($sql);

    return mysql_fetch_assoc($result);



And this is my profile.php that gets the function

$user_info = fetch_user_info($_GET['uid']);

Any ideas what could be the problem ?



It means the GET variable uid is unset, so you’re doing something wrong when calling the page. Have you tried going to profile.php?uid=000 (where 000 is a uid)