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Tag: triggers

MySQL Default Record from Table

I use MySQL 5.6 and I have 3 tables. Two of them are a list of data, and the third table is used for a relationship between them. In the third table I would like to identify a default record for each id1, so I added a column named predt to let me know which record is the default one.

oracle trigger and json_value

Hi I want to store some values from :new.payload via an trigger. this works in sql-developer but not in a trigger… select json_value(‘{“timestamp”:”2019-05-09T14:00:00Z”,”value”:0,”unit”:”W/m²”}’, …

How to check if a column is being updated

Let’s suppose I have an instruction that does the following: Is there any way to do it in Firebird, the same thing as Oracle does … The trigger would only be executed if it had only only updating the “active” column. I tried that way, but it’s not working: Answer Firebird doesn’t have anything like updating. You need to compare