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Tag: temp-tables

Joining Temp Tables Using Indexes

I’m just beginning to learn about INDEX and I’ve heard it could speed up results but my testing is having the opposite effect. Some points about the data: My company uses a SQL Server but I don’t know much else beyond that I’m just an employee and don’t have any sort of admin access and am even restricted to seeing

Concate string into temp table in cursor

I have a temp table structure @temp2 like this and would like to add the driverID column with a result like 5555, 68989 to do this, I use the cursor to loop another table look like this Here is the code sadly, I got the driverID column is null and would like to have finalized temp table look like this:

Register temp table in dataframe not working

Below is my script to use sql in dataframe with python: shows result below: then I register the dataframe to a temp table: and tried to run some sql query like below: It doesn’t produce expected result, instead: I also tried: and it gives me: So it seems the registerTempTable method only create the table schema and the table