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Tag: sybase

Sybase select value from XML field

I have a table named data_values stored in SYBASE in the following format: The value field has the following XML format: I want to select from the value field values like value1, value2, etc. but I can’t find a correct query to do this. I have tried: also value is a reserved keyword I think and I need to escape

Difference between JOIN and Inner JOIN in Sybase

I have a query like below. I don’t understand the difference between join vs inner join used on the below code. Aren’t they the same? This is written for Sybase. Please help me know the difference. Answer According to the standard INNER JOIN=JOIN. I think, Sybase does not break this rule

need to form SQL join/subQuery on multiple tables

There are 3 tables – tables — columns ABC – abc_id, abc_name, active_flag XYZ – xyz_id, xyz_name, active_flag ABC_XYZ – abc_xyz_id, abc_id, xyz_id, active_flag id column in each table is PK I need to form a query which will return output like – for each abc_name there will be multiple xyz_names like below – abc_name1 – abc_name2 – I am

Update statement to increment column value

Please consider following setup Increment sequence with +1 for sequence >= sequence of cont2 and for respective Group The result should be Can any one help me to construct a SQL query to get above result? Answer I think this does what you want:

Get current time without Date

How do I get the current time only? Gives me: I want this result: Answer You can convert the GETDATE() results to a TIME datatype to pull the current time: