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MS ACCESS SQL Join Subquery

I have two tables: newparts, storedparts I insert the parts of the newparts, which are not jet in the storedparts into the storedparts: This is working fine so far. Now the Problem: Table storedparts is getting so big that the programm is taking too Long for the join process. My solution: Just compare the newparts not to all parts of

MYSQL Add working days to date

I want to add 5 days to the provided date, but the calculation must skip weekends. I already know how to add 5 days without skipping weekends: SELECT DATE_ADD(`date_field`, INTERVAL 5 DAY) As …

Create Table From Query Access VBA I have a very complex query that pulls in information from ~10 tables, I’d like to then print those results to a table. Here’s my attempt: Where [DATA OUTPUT TABLE] is intended as the new table name and [Data Export] is the name of the query. Answer Almost immediately found the answer:

Hide characters in email address using an SQL query

I have a very specific business requirement to hide certain characters within an email address when returned from SQL and I have hit the limit of my ability with SQL to achieve this. I was wondering if someone out there would be able to point me in the right direction. Essentially, my business is asking for the following: to

SQL exclude wildcard from WHERE

We’ve got a query on SAP which has some potential to cause problems. Somebody put the wildcard (%) into the prompt and of course everything got clogged up. Is there a way to disallow the wildcard in the WHERE, maybe with a CASE or something? The only other alternative I could come up with was to only select the top