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Sort Records comparing sums across multiple tables

In SQL Server, I am wanting to bring back all jobs where To make it easy to see what results I should get I added the following table and updated the inserts into tables. InvoicedRecieved is ignored for simplicity. Jobs 2,4 Should be returned. I also need another statement bring back the number of jobs per user that met the

Mysql find_in_set of array separator

I have column user_orders we are storing like [1][2][3][5] // Expected output 1,2,3,5 [25][27] // Expected output 25,27 [2] // Expected output 2 I don’t understand why my master …

How to use sql statement in django?

I want to get the latest date from my database. Here is my sql statement. It works in my database. But how can I use it in django? I tried these codes but it return error. These code are in Version 1: Error: Version 2: Error: I’ve defined reg_date at beginning of the class. What should I do for