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Tag: sql-server-2014

Invalid object name ‘sys.dm_exec_input_buffer’

I’m trying to start a script in SQL Server 2014, but it can’t find the object in question. This is the query I am trying to initiate: Error message: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Invalid object name ‘sys.dm_exec_input_buffer’. Answer You need to be on at least Service Pack 2. If you’re on an earlier service pack, it’s

How to use ‘between’ in CASE statement?

I need to select Shift from my production table such that if the time time is between 05:00 PM to 06:30 AM it is Shift B else its Shift A. The SQL that I have written is quite simple but does not gives me the expected results. The SQL is The Result I get is Shift_FK_ID 1 1 1 Where

How to remove duplicates out of the UNION but ignore one column

Consider the following table of data: FirstName LastName Department Steve Colton Accounting Stacy Beckham Finance Mary Messi Finance Steve Colton Finance Michael Gretsky Finance As you can see Steve Colton is in both Accounting and the Finance departments. I want a query that should return Steve just once. I can do the following which works but seems like more code

Naming a default constraint

I’m trying to create a default constraint here, but the system is generating a weird name for it. If I want to name it df_MY_TABLE_GUID or something, how could I specify that name be used? Answer Just specify the constraint name with the full syntax, like the UNIQUE in your example: As a matter of routine, I always prefer and