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Single quotes cause trouble while filtering in Slick

I have statements such as below and they fail with exceptions such as this I have tried to escape the single quote but wasn’t successful. When I tried to insert a record such as this: The exception I’ve gotten is: Please note that I am using H2 in Mysql mode to run my tests. Answer That error suggests to me

How to send plain SQL queries (and retrieve results) using scala slick 3

I am trying to make a class that has methods that can send and get data to an SQLite db using plain sql queries. This unfortunately does not work. I do not want to use the withSession implicit parts. The following error is thrown: type mismatch; found : slick.profile.SqlStreamingAction[Vector[(Int, Double, String)],(Int, Double, String),slick.dbio.Effect] required: slick.dbio.DBIOAction[(Int, Double, String),slick.dbio.NoStream,Nothing] DBops.scala Answer I