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The data: The query: The output I get is like this: It gives null every individual brand item not grouped, and I want the last null to be ‘Grand Total’ not ‘Monthly Total’. I tried putting PurchaseDate or Brand column in and out the ROLLUP but it doesn’t seem to work for the Brand to be grouped. My desired output

SQL Grand total without subtotals

I’m making a large SQL report in Orderwise, very roughly simplified as follows; I want a grand total at the bottom, without a bunch of subtotals dotted in throughout the report – therefore I don’t think I can use ROLLUP. The Subquery in there is of course a sub query and in the real thing there will be twelve of

oracle sum by column without using union

I have this table: (supply table: how many products in storages) I should write a query to have this result: “Total_except_storage_30” has the total of every product in storages except storage number 30. For example first “total_except_storage_30” is for product_id 1000 in all storages except storage_id 30 and the second is for product_id 1001. *** I am not allowed to

Convert a running total oracle sql query to a final total

I have the following query that works and gets me the total that I need. However, i need to change it so that it just displays the final total instead of every transaction leading up to the total. I have tried converting it by group by rollup, group by group sets, using max transaction number, but my total never matches