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Tag: reporting-services

SSRS display text when image column is null

I’m trying to build a SSRS report that shows player name and their photos (if there is any). How do I display a text e.g.”No image” if image column return null value (or empty)? I’ve tried to do this in SSRS report itself but no luck : Any help is appreciated. Answer Assuming you get the image from a database,

Data is not inserted MSSQL Python

I am doing a python script to add text files into an MSSQL table. Using pyodbc, I’m doing it. The data is not inserted in the result. There is no error showing when running. Here is my code, Answer You’re missing a call to cnxn.commit() after the loops are done.

Power BI Report Builder Indicator Formula

I am adding in an indicator to a PBI Report Builder Report. The indicator is based off multiple fields from the dataset so I need to use a formula, to create the three up/down/side arrows. Previously in Crystal Reports this could be implemented using a series of IF statements as follows. The below example is what is required for the

Query to return all values from next month

I have a dataset of subscriptions in a table that looks something like this: Table: UserID Subscription_type Subscription_end_date I’m trying to build a report in SSRS that shows a list of all subscriptions that are going to expire somewhere in the next month. The report gets sent on the first of every month and needs to show all the rows