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Tag: pyspark

Converting query from SQL to pyspark

I am trying to convert the following SQL query into pyspark: The code I have in PySpark right now is this: However, this is simply returning the number of rows in the “data” dataframe, and I know this isn’t correct. I am very new at PySpark, can anyone help me solve this? Answer You need to collect the result into

How to add a ranking to a pyspark dataframe

I have a pyspark dataframe with 2 columns – id and count. I want to add a ranking to this by reverse count. So the highest count has rank 1, second highest rank 2, etc. testDF = spark.createDataFrame([(DJS232,437232)], [“id”, “count”]) I first tried using and this worked, ish. It had monotonically increasing id numbers but the jump from the first

Pyspark: cast array with nested struct to string

I have pyspark dataframe with a column named Filters: “array>” I want to save my dataframe in csv file, for that i need to cast the array to string type. I tried to cast it: DF.Filters.tostring() and DF.Filters.cast(StringType()), but both solutions generate error message for each row in the columns Filters: org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.UnsafeArrayData@56234c19 The code is as follows Sample JSON data: