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Tag: primary-key

H2 Db, ID NextVal

I have a sequence as: CREATE SEQUENCE OWNER_SEQ START WITH 1; I need to trigger this sequence for OWNER table’s ID column CREATE TABLE METADATA.OWNER ( OWNER_ID NUMBER NEXTVAL(…

Oracle SQL Unique Constraint Violated

I need to create tables and input values. All but two rows when inserted give me an error, Unique Constraint Violated. The last row in DEPT_LOCATIONS table and the second to the last row in DEPENDENT table. I’m not sure why these rows aren’t being added because other rows in the same table are. Here’s my code so far: The

Can Foreign Key on a table be three different tables as primary keys (each table primary key data is different)?

I have a reminder table (ParentId) – Foreign key to ProductId from Product and also OrderId from Order table. Is it possible? When I try to insert the data for the Reminder table belongs to OrderId, I’m getting Foreign-Key constraint error. Answer You can do this with a bit of work, using foreign key relationships and computed columns. This does