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Tag: mysql

How to pass an SQL function on bulk insert query in node

I have to execute an INSERT INTO query using mysql or mysql2 in node.js The values passed into the query utilizes a spatial geometry function ST_GeomFromGeoJSON() on geoMap column which is of type GEOMETRY. Here is the simplified code: The above code does not work and throws the error Cannot get geometry object from data you send to the GEOMETRY

Insert with Foreign Key Contraints

In the above code, I want to add the distinct values from column make from vehicles into column makeID in makeModel but I get the error INSERT INTO makeModel (makeID) SELECT DISTINCT (make) FROM vehicle Error Code: 1452. Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`dealership`.`makemodel`, CONSTRAINT `makemodel_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`modelID`) REFERENCES `model` (`ID`)) Answer

strapi with mysql running simple raw sql

Need to run this query in my test and unable to find the right syntax. This is no postgresql and mysql does not like hyphens in table names. Please suggest. Answer Simply don’t use not allowed characters, it makes the life much more easy. The backticks around the String, where implemented, so that theuser dind’t need to escapee single and

SQL query optimization for speed

So I was working on the problem of optimizing the following query I have already optimized this to the fullest from my side can this be further optimized? Answer Your query although joined ok, is an overall bloat. You are using the dim_ad_type table on the outside, just to make sure it exists on the inside as well. You have

How to select a nested item of json datatype?

I have a MySQL table named computers with a column named details that is json data type formatted. I’ve inserted a value like this in that column: I can simple get Chrome value by the following query: Now I want to know, how can I get 1680 value (which is the value of x) ? Answer You can alter your

How to use INNER LEFT instead of EXCEPT?

I read that MySQL does not support EXCEPT, and the workaround is to use LEFT JOIN. THIS IS MY QUERY: Basically: Trying to find out the manufacturers that sell PCs but not laptops. How can I convert this query with the LEFT JOIN? I got confused.. Table Computers: Table Manufacturers Computers: So since Manufacturer ID number 1 sells Laptop the

SQL count() not showing values of 0

i just started my journey with SQL, and made some tables of Cyclists, and Cycling Teams. Cyclist’s table contains columns: ID, Name, Team (which is foreign key of TEAMS ID) Team’s table contains columns: ID, Name, Number of Cyclists I want to Count number of Cyclists in each team, by using count() function ( Or basically any function, i just

Is such a result possible with a query from an SQL database?

I want to fire a query to get such a result: Tables Schema I guess it’s not possible like that? I don’t have any experience with text-based databases, but I can well imagine that this can be achieved with a MongoDB. Because ultimately I want to have a js object at the end of the day. Answer Here’s an example

Calculating Value Count and Percentage

I have a table Currently Enrolled The table is basically to get an idea of how many supporters, undecided, and opposition they were. Then once I get the count I wanted to then do another calculation to find out what that percentage was. Essentially what I want to be able to do is: Count the total number of supporters: SELECT