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Tag: mongodb-query

Perform Calculation in MongoDb Query

Supposed I have the collections that contain Event type Product View water_heater View water_heater Purchase water_heater View television View television View television Purchase television There are two types of fields in the first column, (views and purchase) The second column contains different kinds of products. The above data has been imported as a collection in MongoDB database. I want to

Mongodb for projects with many to many relationships

I’m at the beginning of starting a project for learning backend development with a bit of frontend development. For that, I wanted to create a project around cooking recipes. The plan was to create an admin REST API that would be later used by a custom CMS to create, edit, delete,… recipes and a public api for a mobile app

Mongo Group By query

I have data stored in a Mongo collection that is structured like this: I wish to construct a query that would let me sum up each count in each entry and group by requestingSupplier. For example, I would like to answer the question, for the month of January ’22, what was the sum of each entity and get a response