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Tag: javascript

sequelize compare date with date-timestamp

my simple use case is I pass a date and try to compare that with the default createdAt column. and my date is a string like this date = ‘2018-12-12’ The problem here is sequlize not compare only the date. But it does add time 00:00:00 to my date and then compare. So the query sequlize generate is like this.

Is escaping SQL queries like this safe?

I am currently working on a NodeJS backend script that parses incoming HTTP requests to write to and read from a MySQL database for work. I tried to protect it against SQL injections by using a kind of two-layer protection. To write to the database the user needs to provide valid JSON. This is how the JSON’s keys need to

Wipe all tables in a schema – sequelize nodejs

To perform unit testing on a mysql database using sequelize as ORM, I need to refresh my database when each test start to run. Actually I wrote a solution like this: but every time I create tables I have to add another instruction. I would implement a single instruction to perform a complete wipe of the entire schema Something like: