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Tag: influxdb

InfluxDB placeholder “Empty bound parameter”

I’m struggling to format a InfluxDB query using placeholders. Here I query with multiple placeholders. The values are defined in the placeholders object, as seen below, Once sent, an error 400 – error parsing query: empty bound parameter In the error I can see the GET request, where it appears that the Influx library has correctly formatted the placeholders under

InfluxQL: tag called Group causing grief

I have to work with an influxDB database and one of the tags is called Group. For example the query select * from Testing limit 10 returns The problem is when I try to have a rule based on group, e.g. I get an error that says ERR: error parsing query: found GROUP, expected identifier, string, number, bool at line

SQL request for a JSON file

I am using node-red and influxDB with it. Basically I am running node-red (which execute a python code), with node-red I am getting a data from gauge strain cell, and I have them with a json format as …

Creating tables in InfluxDB via Terminal

Are there tutorials online that teaches you how to create tables and input values in InfluxDB? How would you create a table and insert values into them? Answer InfluxDB doesn’t really have the concept of a table. Data is structured into series, which is composed of measurements, tags, and fields. Measurements are like buckets. Tags are indexed values. Fields are