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Need to fix sorting order by name and price

I am working on school listing project. I have created database name is school and under I add new table name is schoollist Here I have many school. I have added few column on it bellow the list of column. For the above table i want to search Wright Oslo and after the result should be Wright oslo school and

SQL Server full-text search gets only one value

It only gets one value back is it possible to get multiple values inside? Like get test, test1 and test2. Answer Looking at each of the three fully visible example rows: ID=25 No match, because IsDeleted is 1 ID=26 Match. This is the row you see in the results. ID=27 NO MATCH, because Contains() matches full words by default. This

creating a full text index in SQL database

I am searching for a database solution for real full text indexing. I have read Postgres’ full text search chapter but it describes text searching which is not a “full” index and it is heuristic in nature. However I found this contrib/fulltextindex module which sound promising. So my questions are as follows. why was it removed in PostgreSQL 8.1?

Full text search failure on PostgreSQL

I have a PostgreSQL used to index text content. The SearchVector column is created successfully using the following code The content looks like the following: But if I try to run a query to get plurals or singular of manual (in Italian: manuale is one, manuali are 2 or more) it fails: return nothing return nothing It only returns the

Combine 2 GIN indexes with gin_trgm_ops into one | Postgres

I have a flowing table Columns text_id and customer_unit_id basically store codes like K-2021-8524 and similar. In a web interface I use search window to filter out entries by text_id or customer_unit_id. Typical search would be like this I have created to GIN indexes to facilitate search I have tried to make 2 column GIN index in order to have