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SQL dynamic output tables

right now I have 2 tables. The first one has all the sales done by sales persons throughout each week, this table updates every week and only displays the sales of the current week (erases the data and starts over next week), the second table is a record of all sales done ever. SALES FOR THIS WEEK OCTOBER(9 TO 15)(updates

Can we fire a database query in config/constants.php file to make constants dynamic? (Php Codeignitor)

I have tried to place this at the bottom of the config/config.php but it is throwing this error: An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: Error Message: Class ‘CI_Controller’ not found Filename: E:xampp74htdocsjrvssystemcoreCodeIgniter.php Line Number: 369 Please suggest me some solution for this. If this is not possible then what else we can do to make constants dynamic? Answer constants.php is

Dynamic Pivot Table by Month

I’m trying to create a dynamic pivot table in SQL that will report based on month and year. I did a bunch of research and was able to come up with the below query: I am able to print the @column variable successfully, but the problems happen when I try to set it in the @dynamic variable. The error message

Transform Columns to Rows dynamically using T-SQL

I have the following table where I need to transform Columns to Rows tbl_Survey: I need to have the following result: To have this result I used the following code: But, my Quest_1, Quest_2, Quest_3 values could potentially be changed / or even added a new once… Are there ways to code them, so it can be used for any