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Tag: dynamic-sql

How to rotate a two-column table?

This might be a novice question – I’m still learning. I’m on PostgreSQL 9.6 with the following query: My query returns the following dynamic rows: locales count en 10 fr 7 de 3 n additional locales (~300)… n-count I’m trying to rotate it so that locale values end up as columns with a single row, like this: en fr de

Copy all values from source table to destination table dynamically in SQL Server. If there is some value in destination table then delete and insert

I have created 2 tables and populated the values in my source table. Now, I want to populate these values into the destination table dynamically and also check if there is any value in the destination table then delete all those values and insert them from the source. This is my approach which is not executing: Answer In your select

Displaying multiple database tables in one table

I have multiple databases with the same table (an Eventlog with different values). The names of these databases are subject to change. I am trying to display the Eventlog tables in one consolidated table with the corresponding database name. I tried to using cursor and dynamic SQL statement to achieve this with no luck. As well, I’m not sure if