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Tag: django-orm

Django ORM Left Join onto same table

I have a custom permissions system in a django project that can link any user to any specific model instance to grant permission on that object. It is more complex than this, but boiled down: I want to query for all permissions for any user, that are linked to the same content_object(s) that a particular user has been granted permission(s)

Subquery django query to get biggest disctint values from objects and return those objects

So I have this query that I need to re-filter to get just the biggest taken_at field’s value from distinct meter id, but I cannot get the django orm’s/sql part to makes this query. <QuerySet [<Reading: [127] meter installation: 29, type: 1, taken: 2019-10-07 16:06:48.101453+00:00 value: 78.0000, comment: , VAT: 22.00>, <Reading: [126] meter installation: 41, type: 2, taken: 2019-10-07