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Tag: amazon-web-services

Athena geospatial SQL joins never complete

A very basic geospatial join, based on this example, times out every time. The table polygons contains 340K polygons, while points contains 5K rows with latitude/longitude pairs (and an ID). Both are single .csv files in S3. Query: The SQL query above never completes in the default 30-minute Athena query time limit. I’ve found vanilla Athena queries on large-ish data

Search for exact string value in JSON

I have a column stored in JSON that looks like column name: s2s_payload Values: I want to query exact values in the array rather than returning all values for a certain data type. I was using JSON_EXTRACT to get distinct counts. If I want to filter where “”eventtype””:””search”” how can I do this? I tried using CAST(s2s_payload AS CHAR) =