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Distributed SQL Database

I need to decide which database to use for a system where I need AP from CAP theorem. Data I constantly but slowly going in. Big queries are expected. It should be reliable – no single point of …

Get current time without Date

How do I get the current time only? Gives me: I want this result: Answer You can convert the GETDATE() results to a TIME datatype to pull the current time:

php How to link comment sql to the blog sql

first time here and I hope you guys can help me further. I have created a blogging system to use by mine employees via an admin login system. As well a login system and registration system to use by my customers/viewers. So now I created a comment section for the blog system where people can commenting. The problem is that

Hive describe extended table return json

Is there any way to run “describe extended table” in Hive and have the results returned in JSON, XML, or some easily parsed format? Or is there an existing parse in Java that can parse this type of …