No error message displayed on MYSQL Workbench latest version

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I am running the latest version of MYSQL Workbench on a clean ubuntu 14.04 install, using the ubuntu package version.

When I run a valid query, it works fine, e.g.:

select * from users;

At the bottom of the window in what I would call the ‘Status Bar’ it says ‘Executing Query…’ for a few seconds while the query runs, and then changes to ‘Query Completed’ and displays the results.

So far so good.

If I then change the query to something invalid, e.g. :

select * from invalid_table;

The status bar says ‘Executing Query…’ and stays that way. I cannot see the error message reported anywhere.

If I run the same query in a terminal I get:

mysql> select * from invalid_table;
ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'mydb.invalid_table' doesn't exist

Surely the error message should show in workbench? Am I missing something here?


The error is displayed within the Output History panel, at the bottom. It’s possible your bottom panel is deactivated, or hidden. The linked documentation includes annotated screenshots and examples.

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