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Hive query conditional statement in same select query

Is there a way to get in one single hive query to do a if-else kind of setup.

In the my data below I want to ensure that if Model is empty or having ‘-‘ I populate the Final column with Device else it should be populated with Model

My data is something like this 

Device  Model 
iPhone  6SPlus  
Samsung -     
Output I want is 
Device  Model   Final
iPhone  6SPlus  6SPlus
Samsung -      Samsung

I am trying a case statement like this but this isn't working.
       select Device,Model,length(Model) <3 then Device as Final
       else select Device,Model,Model as Final

Can someone please help here.



Read about CASE operator syntax.

select device, model, 
       case when length(model) <3 then Device else model end as Final
  from my_table;
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