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Tag: sql-server-2017

Merge the table based on date and condition

I have following table: In this table type will be 1,2,3,4.. here date and type both are composite key. I need to merge the row based if same date exist to single row and merge based on only below condition and grp col is based on running count of date. Answer Try GROUP BY FIDDLE DEMO Output

How to rename database file programmatically?

I have two databases: database_A. Name of file is database_A.mdf. database_B. Name of file is database_B.mdf. Then I what I do: Drop database_A. Rename database_B to database_A: sp_renamedb ‘database_B’,’database_A. However, name of file is still database_B.mdf. Is it possible just by code rename database_B.mdf to database_A.mdf without setting path to location of databases? I cannot use Management Studio to deattach