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Tag: postgresql

Variable value assignment using RETURNING clause

I try to do this, but it’s a syntax error, what am I doing wrong? my table: Answer You need to use the INTO clause in the RETURNING to set the value being returned into your variable: You also need to specify the data type of your variable; I’m glad to see postgresql supports %TYPE and %ROWTYPE.

Statistics on Query Time (PostgreSQL)

I have a table with a billion rows and I would like to determine the average time and standard deviation of time for several queries of the form: I have a thousand random values for col1 stored in another table. Is there some way to store how long each of these queries took (in milliseconds) in a separate table, so

List columns with indexes in PostgreSQL

I would like to get the columns that an index is on in PostgreSQL. In MySQL you can use SHOW INDEXES FOR table and look at the Column_name column. Does anything like this exist for PostgreSQL? I’ve tried d at the psql command prompt (with the -E option to show SQL) but it doesn’t show the information I’m looking for.

SQL LIKE condition to check for integer?

I am using a set of SQL LIKE conditions to go through the alphabet and list all items beginning with the appropriate letter, e.g. to get all books where the title starts with the letter “A”: That’s fine for letters, but how do I list all items starting with any number? For what it’s worth this is on a Postgres