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Tag: postgis

How to perform query on two unrelated tables

I have a table A with Id and Geometry And Temporary table B Each Geometry of Temporary table B has intersecting geometry in Table A. I want to find the intersecting geometry and make a union of the geometry. The final table should be id of Table A which is having intersection and the union of geometry. If there are

Getting error while tryng to add geometry (polygon z) to table

I’m trying to insert a row to postgres (postgis) table and getting error. My table (geo_table) properties: I’m trying to add data: I’m getting the following error: syntax error at or near “Z” …(name, geometry, in_use) VALUES (‘tb2’, POLYGON Z (( what is the error ? and how can I add data ? Answer Try to include between single quotes

How extract jsonb column in fields by key

I’m using postgresql and postgis plugin. I have stored data with this scheme: table_id is primary key, properties is a jsonb and geom as geometry(GeometryZ,4326); If I make this request: select table_id, properties, geom from nametable return all info with table_id as integer, properties as jsonb and geom as geometry(GeometryZ,4326). I would like a query where properties return table_id, a

How to convert PostGIS polygon coords into lat and lng?

From a json API, I am fetching data of an area displayed as a polygon. An endpoint example can be found here: Here is a preview of the polygon displayed on the platform I am fetching the data from: Below is a snippet of the element containing coordinates of the polygon. I would like to display the polygon

Differences between PostgreSQL and MySQL for PHP developers

For a project where most queries on the database will include requirements like “within an polygon” I have come to think about choosing PostgreSQL with PostGIS instead of MySQL, which I have previously mainly used. Mainly because PostgreSQL has more GIS functions. However, I am uncertain how to evaluate this, and also can’t really see the difference from a PHP