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Tag: entity-framework

c# ef core RemoveRange contraint violation

Hi I have a complex db with many tables and relations what we want to do is to copy all tables from a database to another but only taking rows starting from one table (salesorder) and going down following relations. So I avoided the .Include, and use IQueryable queries (one for each table) there is no problem with the insert

FromSqlRaw injection EF Core 3.0

I am wondering how safe the fromSqlRaw method is. I am doing the following in my code, where the person id is a parameter from the method itself: Is this code safe to SQL injection? And is there other security vulnerabilities that I should know of when using this? Answer Use proper parametrization for your input. After clarifications in comments,

Why there is no GroupBy clause in internal SQL of Entity Framework linq query?

In documentation of Entity Framework: in section regarding GroupBy we can read that following code: executes internally following SQL: Why there is no GroupBy clause in SQL? If there is no GroupBy clause needed, can’t we just use simple Select with OrderBy and without Joins? Can anyone explain the above query? Answer The bottom line is: because SQL can’t

How to use Group By with Task<IEnumerable> in LINQ

I am new to the entity framework and LINQ. Trying to learn it by example. I have an Entity called “Participant” as below: I am trying to use Group by and return the result as Task<IEnumerable<Participant>>. The Sql Query that I found the is : SELECT Count(Id) as #, Zip FROM [database].[dbo].[Participants] GROUP BY Zip Order By Zip The Code