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SQL – Extracting first 5 consecutive numbers from alphanumeric string

I am using AWS Athena, so functions are a bit limiting. But essentially I want to extract the first 5 consecutive and sequential numbers from a alphanumeric field.

enter image description here

From the first example, you can see it ignores the first 1 because there aren’t 4 trailing numbers. I want to find and extract the first 5 numbers that are given together from this field. The output field is what I am hoping to achieve.



This will find an exact sequence of 5 digits.
a sequence of less or more than 5 digits will be ignored.

^|D  = Indication for the start of the text OR a non-digit character
d{5} = 5 digits
D|$  = A non-digit character OR indication for the end of the text

with t (Example) as (values ('Ex/l/10345/Pl'), ('Ex/23453PlWL'), ('ID09456//'))
select Example, regexp_extract(Example, '(^|D)(d{5})(D|$)', 2) as Output
from   t

|    Example    | Output |
| Ex/l/10345/Pl |  10345 |
| Ex/23453PlWL  |  23453 |
| ID09456//     |  09456 |
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