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Select where field1 or field2 or field3 is equal to a phone number

I am looking at a table with phone1, phone2 and mobile. However the phone strings are not formatted properly.

The phone numbers are basically free text like this:

row1: phone1:19123123123
row2: mobile:+1 912 123 123
row3: phone2:1 912 123 123
row4: mobile:(+1) 912 123 123
row5: phone2:(+1)912-123-123

Is it possible to write a SQL query to find if one of the fields phone1, phone2 or mobile is +19123123123 but it needs to be able to match any one of those free text examples? Thanks

So in the above example, it should return all 5 records be those free text match that phone number and is in one of the 3 fields.



Assuming the only numbers and + in the column are in the phone number, you can use:

where regexp_replace(col, '[^+0-9]', '') = '+19123123123'

This removes everything that is not a + or digit.

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